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The Zoning Advisory Committee has been a long-standing tradition in the 41st Ward. The committee consists of members that represent all areas of the Ward. Anyone seeking a change in Zoning is required to present their plan to the Zoning Advisory Committee for approval. To ensure an open and fair process, all developers are welcome to present a proposal to the committee. No one will be denied an opportunity to present a proposal to the committee. Meetings are open to the public and take place at Olympia Park - 6566 N. Avondale Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60631.


Committee Members

Mike Emerson - Chairman

Frank Icuss

Marc Pelini

Tony Chiavola

Emily Dankewycz 

Bob Gariti

David DiSanti

John Kwasinski

Dan Collins

Next Meeting

Monday April 15, 2024

6:30 pm

Brooks Park

7100 N. Harlem Ave.

Chicago, IL 60631


6752-6754 N. Northwest Hwy :

Past Meeting Minutes

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