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Neighborhoods throughout Chicago have been negatively affected by online, temporary home and room rentals. These online rentals are on the rise and may pose a threat to our community by facilitating pop-up parties and illegal activity. These "hotel-houses" may also have a negative impact on property values. The quality of life in our neighborhoods is paramount and we need your help banning these "hotel-houses" on your block and throughout the 41st Ward.




  1. A Legal Registered Voter must first submit a Notice of Intent Form to the City Hall Office of the City Clerk, along with proof of residency in the precinct. Due to COVID-19, notices of intent to restrict Hotel-Houses can be filed electronically via email to  Please email the notice of intent and a copy of your ID. The Notice of Intent Form can be  downloaded here.

  2. Upon receipt of a completed Notice of Intent Form, the City Clerk will post the Notice of Intent Form online, and will provide the Legal Voter with a Petition. The Legal Voter may begin circulating the Petition the day the Notice of Intent Form is posted online – but NOT before. The Legal Voter will have 90 calendar days to circulate the Petition.

  3. The completed Petition must be returned to City Hall. Due to COVID-19, petitions to restrict Hotel-Houses can be filed electronically via email to For a Petition to be valid and legally sufficient it must obtain signatures of at least 25% of the registered voters in the precinct (approximately 180 signatures required). Please contact our ward office at (773) 631-2241 to obtain a list of registered voters in your precinct.

  4. The City Clerk will review the submitted Petition for legal sufficiency. The City Clerk will publicly post online its determination of whether the Petition is accepted as legally sufficient or rejected as legally insufficient. If the Petition is rejected as legally insufficient, the reasons for such rejection will also be posted online.

  5. Once the petition is accepted as legally sufficient, Alderman Napolitano will introduce the Ordinance to establish a Restricted Residential Zone in your precinct.

For more information visit the Chicago City Clerk's website *HERE*

Click Here to locate your precinct

Any questions, please email

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